Steel Shuttering Systems

Steel Shuttering Systems

Polyurethane filled steel shutters systems are ideal solutions equipped with high quality materials that enable modern and safe use of spaces. The polyurethane filled steel shutters, designed within the framework of aesthetic appearance and in European standards, are of durable construction. Polyurethane steel shutters are manufactured from high strength PUR-PA painted, galvanized DX52 quality sheets, providing professional solutions for businesses that require extra security.

All kinds of automation can be applied to the steel shutters developed by SCS, which is the principle of Modern and functional design. Our steel shutters, manufactured and assembled with craftsmanship, are guaranteed for 2 years and offer a choice of different power motors.


Remote Control

In shuttering systems, movement is given to the system with remote controlled motors.

Bottom lift with hanger lock

It is not possible to open the shutters by lifting them from the bottom thanks to the suspension locks.

Power Supply Support

Ups (power supply) systems can be installed if desired in shuttering systems.


All our shuttering systems are guaranteed for 2 (two) years. The selection of different power motors for each size shutter is carefully done by our expert team. It remains safe to use for many years. Remote control, button, switch and encrypted pass control systems can be connected to our engines.