Monoblock Shutters

Monoblock Shutters

With its modern design, the monoblock shutter (hidden shutter) is an ideal solution that protects living spaces from negative impacts. The monoblock shutter, manufactured with SCS's advanced technical equipment, prevents cold or hot air from coming out thanks to its insulation feature.

Thus, with energy savings, it contributes to both your budget and nature. The Ideal material quality and the compatibility of each part of the system with the other allows you to use the monoblock shutter at the highest level of comfort. Those who want to add value to the aesthetic of the architectural structure can make it suitable for pleasure by being preferred in the same coating color as PVC joinery.


Ease Of Use

Switch on and off with a single control key. This allows you to control your blinds effortlessly.

Reducing Heat Loss

It contributes to environmental protection by saving fuel by preventing heat loss in housing and workplaces.